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Members Only Market

Members Only Market

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Fresh Cut Flowers, Members-Only Market

Get a season of fresh cut flowers from our farm! Join the Members-Only Market and come to the farm to pick-up flowers.  We are located in Jackson County, WV and our season runs June - September, weather dependent.

Become a member by purchasing a Share.  Shares are used to purchase flowers at our Members-Only Market.  Members are invited to the farm in season between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturdays to pick-up flowers.  Flowers are harvested and ready to make a bouquet or select from freshly made bouquets.  Flowers are sold by the stem and by the bunch.  

Gifting a membership to this market gives the receiver the "OK" to pick-up flowers when they want or need flowers.  A fringe benefit of membership - coming to our private farm and seeing all the flowers and gardens.

  • A share is $100 and includes sales tax.
  • Each share is valued for $100 of flowers.
  • There is no limit on the number of Shares a member can purchase.
  • The value of one Share is the maximum that can be redeemed in one week.
  • Spend like a gift card.
  • You have 2 seasons to spend your share in its entirety.
  • Members can come every Saturday or on Saturdays of your choice - no requirement.
  • Pick-up from the farm located in the Frozen Camp area of Jackson County, WV. (Members Only)
  • Our farm is not open to the public.  Only members are invited to the farm for pick-up.
  • We grow a variety of proven "cut" flowers, some available for several weeks or months and others only available a week or two.
  • Our flowers have a long vase life and you will find varieties not readily available.
  • Customer satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
  • Limited number of Shares available.  Shares are closed when sold out for the season.